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Review: Sight Unseen

Reviewed by Jen
Ever since a car accident killed his lover and stole his vision two years ago, Daniel has been able to see ghosts.  It hasn't been an easy gift to bear.  Each spirit wants his help with something, but he can't hear them --he can only see them.  Recently, he has been working with the local police, leading them to bodies and helping them solve crimes involving his ghosts.  His work has drawn the attention of the media and a publishing house that wants to do a biography.

Logan is the ghostwriter assigned to convince Daniel to do the book.  He thinks Daniel is a con man and he makes it his mission to expose the truth.  He's in for a rude awakening when he discovers that not only are the ghosts real, but he is being haunted by the ghost of Sophie, his own late wife.

Sophie's spirit quickly goes from benign to malevolent, when an attraction sparks between Logan and Daniel.  And she makes no secret of her displeasure.  The story follows Daniel and Logan as their feelings evolve and as Sophie finds a way to exert her will in the physical world.

I liked the concept of the book and both male leads interested me.  Unfortunately, things progress far, far too quickly between them.  I believe in a quick sexual attraction, but Logan is inviting himself to live with Daniel after knowing each other less than a day. Even worse, Daniel considers it.  They are proclaiming their love for each other inside of a week.  And while I did like the cool scene in which Logan makes his declaration, it was just too soon.  My other peeve in the book is how easily and frequently people discuss Daniel and Logan's sex life.  I understand it was supposed to be relevant to the haunting, but Who does that? 

I enjoyed exploring the perspective of a blind main character.  It was different and, I thought, handled well.  I also liked the sexual tension between Daniel and Logan --and their final love scene was really hot.  I thought the epilogue was good too. I just wish their relationship had not been so rushed. It really stunted the believability of their emotional connection.

Rating: C

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Sight Unseen
by Hunter Raines
Release Date: July 23, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press

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