Saturday, December 24, 2011

Review: Leading Her to Heaven

Reviewed by Jen
The king is forcing Lady Susanna into a political marriage with a Scottish laird. Susanna isn't happy about leaving her home, or her father --an English earl-- but she is willing to do her duty. She sets off on her long to journey to meet her betrothed, but he party is attacked on the road. She was just moments away from being raped when Blair comes to her rescue.

Susanna has no idea that her savior is actually her fiance. And he is in no hurry to tell her. Blair is captivated by his future bride and wants to get to know her before revealing his true identity. His deception is a double edged sword, because on one hand, the two do fall for each other as they travel to Scotland. But on the other hand, when Susanna finds out the truth, the shite hits the proverbial fan.

There is some action and obstacles in the backdrop (like Susanna's ambush and a long-standing clan war)... but at its core, this is a fiery, passionate love story. Our hero and heroine are both strong, stubborn and occasionally stupid, but when they come together, they set the page on fire. It wasn't perfect. They fell in Love way too fast and Susanna made a monumentally idiotic move to punish Blair. But all in all, it was a solid and sexy Highlander story.

You know I'm a sucker for a good brogue and some hot sex, people. 4 stars.

*Book provided by author for review

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Leading Her to Heaven
by Kayleigh Jamison
Release Date: February 15, 2008
Publisher: Tease Publishing LLC

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At Monday, March 5, 2012 at 3:10:00 PM CST , Blogger Arianne said...

great review :D hehe makes me want to read the book


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