Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Kiss of Twilight

Everyone knows Dupree and Kara are in love. They have been for ages, but they've never done anything about it. Kara is willing, but Dupree has always held back. His soul is merged with a demon --and he uses his advanced physical skills to help humanity fight off the pure demons who would destroy them. Kara wants to merge with a demon, herself. But Dupree hates the idea. He fears for the constant danger she'll be in and is scared that he'll lose her.

I wish I could give two separate ratings for this book: one for the first half and one for the second. Because the first half was an exercise in frustration. These are two people who love each other. They want each other. Heck, the even need each other... as bonding will keep Dupree's demon from going over the edge. But time after time after time, Dupree refuses to give into his feelings. It built sexual tension at first, but it went on so long that it just pissed me off. And even then, I had to wait some more. The only thing holding them back, was his fear. And that's just not enough to sustain the wait we have to endure.

But. When he finally gives in, the book takes a turn. The chemistry between Dupree and Kara is sooo good. The sex is great. There's plenty of action. It became all the things I wanted it to be. It just took too long to get there.

This is the sequel to Kiss of Darkness, which I read and enjoyed. The story arc surrounding the search for a demon hunter who went rogue continues here. So does the thread about the kidnapped hybrid Gia and the nightwalker who would be her mate. (I'm assuming they will be the central couple of book three.) There is substantial movement on both fronts, giving the book more depth beyond the Kara/Dupree love story.

I like the series and I really enjoyed the second half of the book. But I can't ignore the frustration I felt in the first half. Without the curiosity I garnered reading the first book, I might have put it down. I'm glad I didn't, but still... 3 1/2 stars. (The second half alone would get a little more than 4.)

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Kiss of Darkness
by Loribelle Hunt
Release Date: December 26, 2011
Publisher: Carina Press

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