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Review: Infinite Betrayal

Reviewed by Jen
Mina is still reeling from her mother's death when she begins to learn secrets about the father she never knew. She grew up believing the man was dead, but it turns out he's alive and well, living in Germany. And he had been exchanging letters with her mother for all these years. Armed with her inheritance money and the support of her best friend, Mina gets on a plane, headed halfway around the world, hoping to shed more light on her mysterious dad.

When she arrives, she is meets up with Mathias, a man sent by her father to watch over her until they can be reunited. The attraction between Mina and Mathias is immediate and intense. She doesn't know the truth about him or her own genetic history, though. Mathias and her father are both from a secret shapeshifter race. Mating with humans is forbidden. Add to that, Mathias is supposed to be protecting Mina from her father's enemies... certainly not sharing her bed. But none of that matters when they are together. He simply can't fight what he feels for her.

The sexual tension is really, really good and so is the sex. Hot!! The relationship developed super-fast, but I am more forgiving of that in supernatural-mating cases like these. I really liked Mathias as a strong alpha hero, and Mina was a fairly good heroine. She takes a lot in stride. But she flies off the handle, somewhat overreacting to perceived betrayals, which frustrated me a little... especially when you take into consideration how well she deals with some pretty horrific circumstances toward the end of the book.

The world-building was solid and easy to understand. There's also a great cast of secondary characters which set us up nicely for future installments in the series. I'm really interested in Talon and his obvious history with the woman he is revealed to be in love with. There is clearly plenty of story left to tell... and some mighty evil villains to defeat.

I liked it --and I definitely plan to read more of this series. 4 stars.

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Infinte Betrayal
by Gayle Donnelly & Robyn Mackenzie
Release Date: March 21, 2011
Publisher: Liquid Silver

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