Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review: Entice Me at Twilight

Entice Me at Twilight is book 4 in Shayla Black’s Doomsday Brethren story.  For those not familiar with the books, the Brethren are a group of good wizards who have banded together to fight off the evil sorcerer Matthias –and to keep a powerful book, called the Doomsday Diary, away from him. 

Simon is a member of the Brethren.  As our story begins, he is preparing to attend his human half-brother’s wedding.  He is attracted to the bride, Felicia. But he doesn’t realize that she feels only deep friendship for Mason, her groom.  Quickly, it’s revealed that Felicia is “an Untouchable,” a special human born once every 1000 years who nullifies magic. She doesn’t know what she is or anything about magickind. The only thing she knows that makes her different is her ability to smell a lie.

Anyway, Matthias has his sights set on Felicia. He wants to use her to open the tomb of Morgan Le Fay and resurrect her. So, Simon whisks her away from the wedding to protect her.  They fight their attraction to each other, mostly because they both care about Mason’s feelings. But soon, even that is not enough to keep them apart.  What does serve as a barrier between them are Felicia’s serious emotional problems.  She is so afraid of letting someone in that she has cut herself off from love.  It’s frustrating to watch Simon put himself out there for her, over and over, while she continues to hold on to her insecurities.

We’re told Felicia’s problems stem from her sister’s suicide.  That just didn’t hold up for me. It would have been easier for me to accept loyalty to Mason as a stumbling block… but maybe that’s just me.  I liked the book, though not quite as much as Possess Me at Midnight. The teaser at the end makes it look like the next book will be Lucan’s, so I am looking forward to that.

Also in this book, (*spoilers*) we lost a member of the Brethren to a gruesome death. Not only was I upset by the loss, but I didn’t feel like it got nearly enough attention. I felt like this should have been made a much bigger deal than it was. 4 stars.

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