Sunday, December 5, 2010

Review: Kitty Goes to Washington

Reviewed by Jen
OK. I have to say, I love Kitty Norville. Kitty Goes to Washington is book 2 in the series, by Carrie Vaughn.  Following her hasty departure from Denver in Kitty and the Midnight Hour, Kitty is doing her late night radio show at a different station every week. Now, she’s been summoned to Washington, DC, to testify before Congress about supernaturals… since she has “come out” as a werewolf on the show.

As soon as Kitty arrives in the nation’s capitol, she is intercepted by the minions of Alette, the city’s master vampire. Kitty is not sure if Alette’s intentions are good or bad, but the vampire says she just wants to give Kitty safety and protection during her stay. Kitty accepts. While waiting to testify, Kitty learns about the shapeshifters of  Washington DC and their easygoing way of getting along with each other. They all hang out together at a werewolf bar, where she meet Luis, a hot Brazilian shifter, who becomes her man of the moment. Cormac and attorney Ben show up and help Kitty out when she starts learning more about government research facility at the center of the hearings –and her safety becomes more at risk.  We also learn more about the Rev Elijah Wood and who and what he is (but I’m not going to say what that is.) It all ends with a bit of horror for poor Kitty, when she is kidnapped. What happens after that would be a shame to spoil.

I  loved seeing Cormac again. I keep rooting for him to hook up with Kitty, and frankly, I want to shake him out of his fear and prejudice about her.  I LIKED Allete, probably more than any of the shapeshifters we met in this book. And I’m proud of Kitty for her continued growth and strength.  I was upset with what happened to her at the end, but it was a great plot device and a jumping off point for the next installment in the series. I just wish there were more repercussions for those who worked against her.

5 stars. I love this series.

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At Friday, May 6, 2011 at 10:52:00 AM CDT , Blogger Judith Leger said...

Hi Jen!! Friday Follow here. I would love to be Christine Derrick in Mary Balogh's Slightly Dangerous. The character I would to date would be a toss up between Wolfric in Slightly Dangerous or Drizzt do'urden from R.A. Salvaltore Forgotten Realms book series. Gotta love a dark elf, yeah.

Hugs and blessings!
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

Judith Leger


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