Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: The Highlander's Touch

Reviewed by Jen
The mischievous Fae, Adam Black, is wreaking havoc in Scotland again.  He has made Circenn Brodie immortal against his will… and tasked the Highlander with protecting the holy items of the Fae.  While under his care, a flask holding an immortality elixir goes missing. So Circenn curses the flask to be returned to him when it’s found.  It takes hundreds of years… but when the item shows up in the museum where Lisa is working, she becomes the first person to touch it.  And she and the flask go back to the 1300′s.

Circenn never dreamed that his curse would involve time travel or a woman. In fact, Adam had forced him to vow to kill the man who returned with the flask. But when faced with Lisa, he just can’t do it.  The normally stalwart and honest warrior, resorts to lie upon lie to hide who Lisa is and hide the fact that he has broken his oath.  Meanwhile, Lisa is desperate to return home, to care for her dying mother.  But a string of unlikely events leave the couple engaged and they begin to fall for each other. They both fight it, though… Lisa because of her guilt over leaving her mom and Circenn, because he fears the heartbreak of Lisa’s eventual death as he lives on in immortality.

Each one of the Highlander books in this series is better than the one before.  Both Circenn and Lisa have every reason be hesitant but their obstacles make it even sweeter when they finally come together.  (And as with all of Moning’s books, the love scenes are very, very hot.) It’s also a fun and unexpected reveal when we find out WHY Adam has taken such an interest in Circenn’s life.  4 stars.

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