Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Review: Bonded by Blood

There are two kind of vampires in the world: those who accept the new ways and those who wish to bring back the ways of old.  The Darkbloods are vampires who believe human lives and blood are theirs for the taking.  Especially those known as “sweetbloods.”  Humans with that special quality in their blood are especially sought after, so much so that Darkbloods sell vials of the stuff on the street like it’s a drug. 

Dominic is one of the vampires who embraces a life lived side by side with humanity. He rarely partakes in human blood and when he does –it’s never to kill. He works for a group known as the Agency. They are vampires who police the rest of their kind and fight the Darkbloods.

It’s just after he is gravely injured, that Mac stumbles across Dom’s path. She is a sweetblood –and though he tries to resist her, the pull is too strong and he takes her blood. He takes so much, in fact, that he must give her some of his own to save her life. The exchange activates a blood bond between the two, a rare and binding tie, which allows them to sense each others emotions and even share thoughts.

The story was easy to get into.  The world-building easy to follow. And perhaps most importantly, the building sexual tension between the two main characters was played to perfection.  However, there was a bit of predictability as the story arc played out.  I think some of the foreshadowing was a little heavy handed and I would have liked to be surprised a little more.  Also, I found some of the scenes cut off a bit more abruptly than I’d like –and we’d see days or weeks gone as we went into another scene without seeing immediate repurcussions of what happened immediately before.

All that being said, I did enjoy it.  It was an easy read, not too complex, with some hot sex. Almost 4 stars.

*ARC Provided by NetGalley

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