Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review: Spider's Bite

Reviewed by Jen
I need to fall in love with yet another series about as much as I need a hole in the head. But here I am, falling in love with Gin Blanco. Gin is an assassin and she wields elemental magic.  As the book opens, she is in the middle of a hit. But we learn quickly, that despite her profession, Gin is no bad-guy. She has a standard for her jobs: no kids and no innocents. All of her marks have done wrong.

As soon as she wraps up her job, she meets up with Fletcher, an old man we learn is her father-figure and mentor. He also is the middle man on her hits.  Fletcher took her off the streets, when she was 13. Her family had been murdered by a woman wielding fire magic… and Gin was trying to fend for herself. Fletcher taught her to be an assassin and gave her a home –and a makeshift family with him and his son, Finn.

There’s already another job waiting for Gin. A big one. She just has to kill this corporate big shot embezzler and she’ll have enough money to retire. Only the hit is a double cross;  one where Gin is supposed to end up dead as well. She manages to escape but when she makes it back to Fletcher, he has been brutally killed. And even though she didn’t kill her mark, she is being framed for it.

Gin goes on the hunt for who is behind the elaborate scheme and the death of her beloved Fletcher. Her investigation pairs her with sexy detective Donovan Caine.  They are undeniably attracted to each other. But Caine is a straight and narrow cop who can’t let himself forget Gin is a killer.  Their sexual tension is off the charts and when they finally give in… WOW.

Gin is tough as nails, but is steeped in humanity. She is a very fleshed out character and she is very easy to root for. I can’t wait to start Web of Lies to see where her story goes next.  5 stars.

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