Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review: Midnight Caller

Wow. This book isn’t as all what I thought it would be. From the summary of the story, I expected an urban fantasy. Instead, I got a mystery/thriller. It was pretty good, just nothing like I expected.
Trevor is an FBI agent with a traumatic childhood. He has tracked a serial killer back to his hometown of New Orleans.  Once home, he not only works to find the killer, dubbed the Vampire, but also to reconcile with the brother and sister he’s been away from for so long.  The hunt for the Vampire turns into a game of cat-and-mouse, as the killer targets Trevor with carefully laid clues and taunts. 

The Vampire also has a marked interest in Rain, a psychologist and radio talk show host. He targets her on the air, making sick sexual references and talking about her mother, a long dead rock singer.  The Vampire’s calls put Rain on Trevor’s radar and the two grow close, quickly.

All at once, we see Trevor & Rain come together, as the mysteries of Trevor’s past unfold; the tragic history of Rain’s mom comes to life; and twisted machinations of the Vampire come to a head.  I liked the romance. The love scenes were pretty good. And I never suspected who the Vampire was before it was revealed.  My only nitpick was the whole supernatural thing.  Is the Vampire really supposed to be a real vampire or a deranged sicko?  The doubt was especially annoying to me since I thought this was supposed to be a paranormal off the bat.  I never got a satisfying resolution, even as the book came to an end.  Overall, a pretty good romantic suspense. 4 stars.

*ARC Provided by NetGalley

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