Monday, February 21, 2011

Review: Eternal Kiss of Darkness

Reviewed by Jen
Jeaniene Frost knocks another one out of the park, with her second Night Huntress World book. This one features the ancient Egyptian vampire Mencheres.  He is essentially the uber-vampire, with powers beyond measure. But ever since he had to help kill his wife Petra, he has lost his ability to see into the future. And he fears that it’s a portent of his death.  Not only that, he feels like he has nothing really left to live for –and he’s ready to commit suicide-by-ghoul, when a human named Kira intervenes.  She witnesses the ghouls attacking Mencheres and steps in to stop them and nearly dies in the process.  Once the danger has passed, Mencheres tries to wipe her memories of the supernatural from her mind, but he can’t.  So he brings her home, while he tries to figure out a way to erase her knowledge.

Of course, our couple is attracted to each other off the bat.  But keeping their hands off each other is the least of their problems. An old enemy of Mencheres is after him, trying to usurp his powers. And he sees Kira as a golden opportunity to break Mencheres’ spirit and force him to transfer his ancient gifts.

I loved this book. I didn’t think I’d care for Mencheres, but I did.  Frost can write sexual tension like nobody’s business.  And when our couple finally got around to doing the deed… W.O.W. In addition to the great romance and action, we also get the treat of time spent with Vlad, Cat & Bones.  I can’t wait for the next book; this series never lets me down.   5 stars.

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